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Anderson Electronics has been in business since 1959 as a manufacturer of crystals and crystal oscillators. It is a family owned company and the President (Mr. William Anderson) is the son of the founder. The company occupies 32,000-sq. ft. of space in two buildings and is situated on 10 acres. These buildings are fairly new, the administration, sales, finishing and engineering are in one building (built in 1988), cutting and lapping in the other building (built 1990). We have 3 engineers with 9 to 39 years' experience in the crystal and oscillator industry and 2 technicians and a total employment of 78 people.

We like to think that we are not your average crystal company. We are one of the few crystal companies in the United States that still does our own cutting of the quartz, bars and lapping of the blanks. Besides having a complete crystal manufacturing facility we also have a complete hybrid manufacturing capability. We have the capability to do our own thick film screen printing and firing along with gold wire bonding.

In addition to our manufacture of crystals and oscillators for the computer market we also manufacture high reliability crystals, filter crystals and our new product "High Frequency Fundamental Crystal". This new process allows us to obtain frequencies up to 200,00 MHz on the fundamental.

We supply products to the telecommunication industry, computer, and industrial markets and some military applications. These products that we supply can be manufactured here or imported.

Our business philosophy is very simple, we want to sell the best quality product at the most economical price. We take pride in our reputation of being a high quality house. Since we manufacture here we can deliver most crystals and hybrid oscillators in 1 week.

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Anderson Electronics supplies crystals and crystal oscillators to a wide market of industries.

Oscillators that are used in the video cameras in the cargo bay and manipulator arm on the space shuttles... for the gas meter at your gas station... for the electric meter at your home... crystals that are designed to operate at 200 degrees C for the down hole oil drilling industry... to turn on and off your lawn sprinklers... crystals for radio transmitters that are attached to whales to follow their migrations... navigation systems for all forms of communications.

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