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Anderson Electronics HeadquartersAnderson Electronics is headquartered in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, a small town in South-Central PA. Accessible from either Harrisburg or Pittsburgh, the site consists of two facilities located on 10 acres. The newer facility, built in 1990, houses the cutting, x-raying, lapping, contouring, and polishing operations. The other facility, erected in 1988, is the location of the main administrative offices, quality and engineering, material and production planning, testing, high frequency fundamental processing, and finishing areas. These two separate facilities provide the luxury maintaining a vertically integrated crystal blank processing area as well as the clean atmosphere necessary for finishing product to a consistent, high quality. Both sites are environmentally controlled, providing the necessary consistent conditions to better control the processes. The current facilities, consisting of over 32,000 square feet of space, replaced the original facility also located in Hollidaysburg, thus providing a continuous operation for over 40 years with average seniority of the employees well over 15 years.

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