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Founded in 1959 in Hollidaysburg, PA, as a family owned business, Anderson Electronics has continued to service the frequency control industry. The son of the founder, William Anderson, has seen to it that the company provides both the product and the service expected by its customers. He has assembled a staff that averages over 15 years of experience in the crystal industry to further enhance the company's commitment and capabilities. In addition, the employees also average over 15 years of experience, making for a knowledgeable, dedicated group of individuals.

Originally processing AT cut resonators in fundamental, 3rd , and 5th overtones in solder seal packages, Anderson Electronics has expanded its capabilities to processing multiple cut resonators in overtone modes up through the 9th overtone and in multiple packages in both coldweld and resistance weld holders. In addition, through inverted mesa design technology, the frequency range has been expanded to match current equipment capabilities.

Changes and improvements in process capabilities and manufacturing techniques will continue to evolve Anderson Electronics into the company that will meet its customer needs.

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