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Anderson Electronics  produces quartz crystals and clock oscillators using one of the most vertically integrated facilities in the industry. The ability to cut and x-ray the quartz blank from the bar enables the design engineer to specify parameters that can reliably be met with assurance. The lapping, polishing, and contouring processes can be closely monitored and controlled to provide the finish and other tolerances so critical to precision crystals. The finishing operations from deposition of metal electrodes through package sealing are monitored, documented, and controlled providing a quality end product. Various electrode metallizations, package selections (in both coldweld and resistance weld), and final plating to frequency techniques are available to provide the widest cross section of designs to meet specific customer needs. Testing, both at room temperature and over temperature is available and , if necessary, parametric data can be supplied with the products. Aging systems are in place to provide information on current and projected frequency changes over time. From the first operation to the last, critical characteristics are monitored and evaluated for continuous improvement.

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