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Technical Topics

Acceleration - acceleration sensitivity of quartz crystal resonators, resonators propensity to change frequency with acceleration.

Aging - the systematic gradual change in frequency over time.

Angle & Tolerance - angle of cut, Angle Rotation and tolerance in quartz crystals.

Calibration & Calibration Tolerance - the adjustment the frequency of vibration to the design frequency called out by the specification.

Capacitance - electrode capacitance, holder capacitance, and shunt capacitance.

Crystal Blanks - the quartz wafer exclusive of any mounting structure or hermetic package.

Crystal Holders - diagrams of various crystal holders.

Cut - quartz crystal cuts; AT cuts, BT cuts and SC cuts.

DRAT - Doubly Rotated AT Cut Crystals.

Doubly Rotated AT-DRATS - Doubly Rotated AT Cut Crystals.

Drive Level - the power level applied to a quartz crystal during oscillation.

Frequency - the crystal's vibration mode (fundamental or overtone), the harmonics of that mode, and the physical dimensions of the quartz plate.

Frequency vs Mode - vibrating quartz crystal has a number of modes being excited simultaneously

Frequency vs. Package Size - chart providing the lower fundamental frequency limit for a specific holder type.

Frequency Stability - The change in frequency over temperature is usually expressed in PPM/degree Celsius and is referred to as frequency stability or temperature coefficient.

G Sensitivity - the frequency of the resonator is affected by gravity.

Holders - hermetically sealed package types.

Hysteresis - Retrace - Hysteresis or retrace is a resonator's repeatability of its frequency vs. temperature characteristic.

Inflection Point - the point on the Frequency vs. Temperature curve where the change in frequency changes from positive to negative.

Inversion Or Turn Points - the two inversion points, the Lower Inversion Point and the Upper Inversion Point.

Metal Holders - HC Types - metal holders HC-types are through-hole devices available with either leads or pins.

Military Quartz Crystals - crystals designed, manufactured and qualified to military specification MIL-PRF-3098/H

Motional Capacitance & Motional Inductance - motional capacitance and motional inductance in crystal designs for oscillators.

Quality Factor - Q factor, the ratio of the energy stored per cycle vs. the energy dissipated in a cycle.

Perturbations - Dips - the effect of temperature dependent mode coupling. Called perturbations, band-breaks or activity dips.

PIND - Particle Impact Noise Detection - the test to detect extraneous solid material.

Phase Noise - random phase modulation which is present in quartz crystal oscillator.

Resistance - the impedance of the crystal, measured in ohms at series resonance.

Series & Parallel Resonance - series and parallel resonance of crystals.

Shock - mechanical shock and thermal shock for crystals.

Short Term Stability - short term stability - change of frequency typically exhibited per day.

Specifying Frequency Stability - Frequency stability or temperature coefficient has two elements, frequency change (deviation) and temperature range.

Spurious Modes - inharmonic modes of vibration in the quartz plate.

Surface Mount Packages - there are a number of surface mount options available, some derived from metal HC-types and others in metal/plastic and ceramic packages.

Vibration - crystal vibrational anomalies in a vibrating environment.

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