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Q - Quality Factor
Q or Quality Factor is a ratio of the energy stored per cycle vs. the energy dissipated in a cycle. The higher the Q, the higher the absolute frequency and accuracy capability of quartz crystal resonator. Phase noise close to the carrier is strongly dependent on Q.

Factors that contribute to the Q of a crystal resonator include:
  • Overtone
  • Surface finish
  • Material impurities & defects
  • Mounting & bonding stresses
  • Temperature
  • Electrode geometry & metalization
  • Blank geometry
  • Drive level
  • Enclosure atmosphere & pressure
  • Interfering modes
  • Ionizing radiation

In the manufacture of quartz crystal resonators, the Q of the raw quartz material is starting point in the process. Each manufacturing process will contribute to a reduction in Q factor as compared to the raw material. Manufacturing processes are chosen to minimize the effect of reducing Q.

What is Q and Why is it Important?

Factors that Determine Resonator Q

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